Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why do I always "jump the gun"?

I guess they call it an "itchy trigger finger".  When I'm working on an exciting project, like my latest book,  co-authored with Kerri Krysko, I just can't wait to launch it! 

Possibly the new cover

Original Cover
Well, we launched it yesterday. 
In fact, I even wrote a blog about it.  Unfortunately, after the launch, we realized that our pretty, pretty cover was barely readable.  Yes, our lovely fonts came back to bite us in the...

We poured so much pure love in to this book.  We wanted the content to be healing and empowering, and we also wanted the visual experience to be pleasant. By the way, that is quite challenging in an ebook!

Now we are working on new cover ideas.  This is one of them and I would love to get any feedback, whether you like it or not : ))

Friday, October 25, 2013

Twenty One Days of Healing and Inspiration

Today is the big day! My book, co-authored with Kerri Krysko, is being launched! How did this come about, you ask?

A few months ago I heard about a memoir called Kerri On. It was written by Kerri Krysko, the ex-wife of a high ranking Hells Angel. I was curious, so I bought the book. 

Kerri shares her tale of a lonely little girl who was abused by all who should have loved and nurtured her; bullying in its purest form. This
commonly sets the

stage for a lifetime of abuse.The story resonated with me. I am well aware of the damage; that childhood bullying can inflict. I am left with my own scars.We shared a common bond, but we discovered that we had a deeper connection.  We have both made it our life’s mission to help those who are being tormented, bullied and abused.

We have joined forces and have co-written our first book, Twenty One Days of Healing and Inspiration.   Now we are going to take our mission on the road. We will be starting a speaking tour and hope to touch many lives. 

Maybe we’ll see you in your hometown : ))