Friday, October 25, 2013

Twenty One Days of Healing and Inspiration

Today is the big day! My book, co-authored with Kerri Krysko, is being launched! How did this come about, you ask?

A few months ago I heard about a memoir called Kerri On. It was written by Kerri Krysko, the ex-wife of a high ranking Hells Angel. I was curious, so I bought the book. 

Kerri shares her tale of a lonely little girl who was abused by all who should have loved and nurtured her; bullying in its purest form. This
commonly sets the

stage for a lifetime of abuse.The story resonated with me. I am well aware of the damage; that childhood bullying can inflict. I am left with my own scars.We shared a common bond, but we discovered that we had a deeper connection.  We have both made it our life’s mission to help those who are being tormented, bullied and abused.

We have joined forces and have co-written our first book, Twenty One Days of Healing and Inspiration.   Now we are going to take our mission on the road. We will be starting a speaking tour and hope to touch many lives. 

Maybe we’ll see you in your hometown : )) 

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