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Kathleen Patel knows how childhood abuse and bullying can leave lasting scars that can have an adverse effect on many areas of life. She overcame the abuse and now wants to help others. 

She has created various programs for schools and corporations all over the world. Each program is personalized to your school or corporation to meet your specific requirements.  In addition to customized assemblies for students and seminars for parents and educators, she offers consulting services.

If The World's Finest Educators are struggling with bullying, then how can  the average parent or student be expected to know what to do? It's a vicious cycle!

"I get phone calls every day and I can feel the frustration on the end of the line. There is a lack of time and resources, and something's got to be done. There are definitely a few typical issues that are keeping these good people up at night. They usually know what what they need, but can't figure out how to make it happen."

This is what our clients say:
They are concerned with the escalating adolescent suicide rate and are looking for solutions.

They worry about the violent repercussions that are increasing; such as school shootings. 
Then there are legal implication with lawsuits cropping up across the nation as frustrated parents take to the court, claiming that the educators are not protecting their children.

Educators are overwhelmed with the huge undertaking of the  creation and roll-out of a school-wide Anti-Bullying Program.  That would include employing specific anti-bullying procedures, proper anti-bullying interventions, precise procedures for incident investigation with the appropriate follow up process, and have all of this in compliance with state legislation!

Imagine their relief when they find that the work has been done for them!

After a thorough needs analysis, and study of your school and/or corporate culture, a program is created to fit perfectly. This customization ensures a smooth implementation and dramatically raise rate of compliance. Kathleen provides powerful inspiration and educationthat can be geared towards students as well as educators and teachers. 

Esteemed. Trustworthy.
Delivering a message that speaks to the soul. Her powerful stories will captivate and inspire any audience.

Genuine. Authentic. 
This charismatic speaker connects with a wide range of audiences, sharing her real life struggles and how she was able to overcome life shattering experiences.

Internationally Acclaimed Author.
Personalized book signings add that personal touch.

Have Kathleen bring her message of strength, courage and empowerment to your event. Please contact us today to check for availability. 

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