Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Education is the key to acceptance

Interactive Seminar
After writing her bestselling book, The Bullying Epidemic-the guide to arm you for the fight, Kathleen Patel has been traveling the world to help schools and corporations stop bullying. She has been well received as far as Europe and Asia.
Student Seminar
"Bottom line: It's all about acceptance. It's a big world that extends far beyond our own comfort zones. We all need to open our minds and start to think globally. That's quite a feat considering the fact that prejudice exists within the inner sanctums of most cultures. People of color will judge their own based on whether they are dark or light.  White people will ridicule their own for being too white; pasty! It's ironic isn't it?" ~ Kathleen Patel

In her captivating, interactive seminars she inspires students, educators and parent to take a stand and "Do the Right Thing" when it comes to bullying.  

"If you witness bullying behavior and you don't report it, that makes you an accessory to the crime."
Educators Seminar
Kathleen has developed a powerful Anti-Bullying Program. This is a comprehensive plan that provides schools with a system to implement an effective, ongoing  Anti-Bullying Program. She offers educational seminars to educators, parents and students. 

"I believe this is my mission in life and I take it seriously. When I first wrote The Bullying Epidemic, I did it as a public service.  I gave away thousands of copies, free of charge. I wanted to create public awareness and to offer guidance and resources. It wasn't until a fellow speaker, James Malinchak (from ABC's Secret Millionaire) pointed out how much more GOOD you can do with money, that I realized I needed to start charging a bit. I keep my fees down and I a large portion of all proceeds go back into The Bullying Epidemic Foundation. I don't squander any funds. You won't see any slick marketing materials or flashy websites. I'm all about the cause."  

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 "With ignorance comes fear- from fear comes bigotry. Education is the key to acceptance."~Kathleen Patel 

Get your copy of The Bullying Epidemic-the guide to arm you for the fight, here.

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